About Retro Movie Nerd

Formerly known as B-Movie Memories, Retro Movie Nerd still celebrates movies with unabashed glee. It's still all about the movies you rented from the video store, and the forgotten gems that you may have watched with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night.

Here, we limit our reviews to films that were released between 1973 and 1996, so nothing is more recent than twenty years. We provide honest, gut-feeling reviews upon first watch, or upon reliving the film after having not seen it in years. Our hope is to provide a new generation of film watchers an idea of what to expect from an older film they need to put on their "MUST SEE" list, or avoid altogether. Our hope is also that movie watchers from our own generation will revisit a film they had long forgotten.

Enjoy the change in format, and thank you for stopping by.


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