Saturday, November 4, 2017


This week's servings from Amazon Prime come to you from the year 1994. They include a box-office megahit, a little-remembered Canadian horror film and the first on-screen meeting between two iconic television characters. The films may vary greatly in quality, but then again, the purpose of this weekly piece is to show you that you can find diverse movie options outside of Netflix.

Clear and Present Danger - Who isn't familiar with this Tom Clancy adaptation that was a mega-hit at the box office. Harrison Ford returns for his second trip in the Jack Ryan-verse, this time getting neck-deep in a secret drug war being run by politicians. From political double-speak to rocket launcher attacks and back to congressional committtees, Clear and Present Danger has everything a Tom Clancy story can offer. The movie offers a good balance between the Washington scene and the action down in the jungles and streets of Colombia. You will need to pay attention due to the fact that there are so many characters running around with very different agendas. In my opinion, the best performance in the film comes from Donald Moffat as the President, whose short-sightedness and arrogance may ring a little close to home for some. Not as strong of a film as Patriot Games, but still a solid choice for your streaming habits.

The Club - This is a Canadian-made horror film straight from the good ol' days of direct-to-video. Senior prom is taking place from the friendly confines of a gothic-style castle, which happens to be equipped with the cleanest of restrooms and the filthiest of torture dungeons. Time freezes at midnight for a small group of teenagers so that they may conquer their darkest fears.....or something. I don't really know. There's a demon, and a serial-killer teacher and a whole lot of confusion. To be quite frank, this movie stinks and is one of the worst entries in the short history of What Am I Watching This Week. Kim Coates is the best-known member of the cast and is quite sleazy as Mr. Carver, the teacher with a serial killing past. Joel Wyner channels Jack Nicholson in one scene that was humorous, but the story is just a mess and I can only recommend it if you just want to witness a movie that makes the rounds at Guantanamo.

Star Trek Generations - The seventh entry in the Star Trek film franchise and the first to feature the New Generation cast. Malcolm McDowell plays a scientist who is obsessed with returning to the "Nexus", a place where time has no meaning and anyone can experience whatever they desire. It comes at the cost of destroying stars, including the sun of a very populous planet. It's up to Capt. Picard and the crew to stop him. Of course, Picard will need the help of Capt. James T. Kirk, who is trapped inside the Nexus himself after many years of being presumed dead. The historic first meeting of Kirk and Picard deserves a better story, however. This is one of the weaker entries in Star Trek film canon, thanks to a rather dull plot. The special effects are top notch as always, but it's mere window dressing. For die hard Trek fans only.

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