Friday, September 22, 2017


We have defiantly cancelled the Netflix subscription and HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK! It has now become a platform for their own overhyped and overrated original content. If you actually take the time to look at their selection of movies, it is an ever-dwindling library. So if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get access to their Instant Video streaming service as a perk. Guess what? So many more movies than Netflix. So this week, we decided to check out a trio of films from 1997. We selected one each from the action, horror and sci-fi genres. There is one very familiar film, one cult film, and one little-known low-budget sci-fi thriller which shows the depth that Amazon has in their library. I don't have to tell you to click the Read More link, do I?

Breakdown - A taut, suspenseful thriller from 1997, starring Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan as a husband and wife moving from Boston to San Diego and running into car trouble in the middle of Deep Shit Nowhere, Arizona. J.T. Walsh, Jack Noseworthy and M.C. Gainey are a gang of bad guys who conspire to extort money from Russell by kidnapping his wife. Director Jonathan Mostow does a great job building up the suspense, and the final 15 minutes involve a multi-vehicle chase that is the highlight of the film. A quick, breezy 93 minute running time ensures that this movie never slows down once the plot kicks into gear.

Jack Frost - this 1997 horror film has a cult following. The story involves a serial killer with the convenient name of "Jack Frost" being transferred by truck to his execution but a snowstorm leads the vehicle to collide with a truck from a chemical company, leading Jack to dissolve before our very eyes, have his molecules combine with the chemicals and the snow, turning him into a serial-killing, wise-cracking snowman.....with arms! This is high concept B-movie horror here with many attempts at comedy. Most of the comedy is hit-or-miss, but the various kills are completely campy, including a rape scene that involves Shannon Elizabeth, the biggest name in the movie. Made with a sense of humor (just watch the closing credits for hints), Jack Frost will either appeal to your sick, twisted side or you'll turn it off once you see a snowman attempting murder.

Moonbase - This is a low-budget sci-fi film from 1997. The story involves the escape of a group of convicts from a space prison. They stow away on a refuse pod which is headed for the waste disposal base on Earth's moon, which houses a crew of mostly disgruntled workers. Also headed for the moon? A military inspection team, who reveal that the base is actually hiding nuclear warheads. What happens when a team of bad guys also discover that there are warheads at their disposal? CONFLICT! You may recognize Kurt Fuller in the cast as he brings the slime like he usually does, but there is also good work here from Robert O'Reilly as the leader of the convicts. You may recognize O'Reilly from his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation as Gowron. There is some pretty poor chemistry between Scott Plank and Jocelyn Seagrave as the male and female leads, in a subplot that is about as interesting as watching paint dry. The special effects are very cheaply made, and the acting ranges from passable to sleepwalking. Not "so bad it's good" territory, but not the worst movie ever made either.

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