Monday, September 12, 2016


Clockwise from the top left corner: Return of the Jedi; WarGames; Sudden Impact; Octopussy. Center: Superman III.

The wayback movie machine is set to 1983 this week with the blockbuster of the year coming in the form of Return of the Jedi, which was one of only two films that year to crack $100 million domestically at the box office. If you guessed the other was Terms of Endearment, congratulations! You cheated by looking it up. One thing to note about 1983 was that, up to this point, there were more R ratings handed out than any other previous year. At the Oscars, Terms of Endearment wins Best Picture, Best Director (James L. Brooks) and Best Actress (Shirley MacLaine), with Robert Duvall taking home Best Actor gold for Tender Mercies.

Here are the top ten domestically-grossing films for 1983, courtesy of

  1. Return of the Jedi (20th Century Fox) - $252.6 million
  2. Terms of Endearment (Paramount) - $108.4 million
  3. Flashdance (Paramount) - $92.9 million
  4. Trading Places (Paramount) - $90.4 million
  5. WarGames (MGM) - $79.6 million
  6. Octopussy (MGM) - $67.9 million
  7. Sudden Impact (WB) - $67.6 million
  8. Staying Alive (Paramount) - $64.9 million
  9. Mr. Mom (20th Century Fox) - $64.8 million
  10. Risky Business (WB) - $63.5 million
I would like to send out a thank you to all who entered the Retro Movie Nerd Retro-Tacular Blu-Ray Giveaway. There were a surprising number of entries but there can be only one winner: David J. Mann of Kettering OH, you are that winner. Your copy of An American Werewolf In London: Restored Version will be shipped to you when it releases on 9/27. Congratulations and keep reading. For those of you who were not selected, there will be more giveaways coming soon.

Our reviews this week will include Return of the Jedi on 9/14, Cujo on 9/16 and WarGames on 9/18. 

Enjoy your week!

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