Monday, August 15, 2016


Clockwise from the top left corner: Raiders of the Lost Ark; Superman II; Stripes; The Cannonball Run. Center: For Your Eyes Only.

This week, we set the wayback machine to the year 1981, where Raiders of the Lost Ark is the highest grossing film, and by a good country mile. This film set the standard for action/adventure films to follow and cemented Harrison Ford as a bankable movie star and not just part of an ensemble cast like in the Star Wars series. In other happenings this year, MGM purchases the bankrupt United Artists group after UA spent millions on Heaven's Gate and watched it bomb. Then, on 11/29, in one of those Hollywood mysteries that still rears its head on occasion, Natalie Wood drowns in a boating accident that was deemed accidental.

Here are the top ten domestically-grossing films of 1981:

  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Paramount) - $212.2 million
  2. On Golden Pond (Universal) - $119.3 million
  3. Superman II (WB) - $108.2 million
  4. Arthur (WB) - $95.5 million
  5. Stripes (Columbia) - $85.3 million
  6. The Cannonball Run (Fox) - $72.8 million
  7. Chariots of Fire (Columbia) - $59 million
  8. For Your Eyes Only (MGM) - $54.8 million
  9. The Four Seasons (Universal) - $50.4 million
  10. Time Bandits (Embassy) - $42.4 million
This week's reviews include Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior on 8/17, The Evil Dead on 8/19 and Escape From New York on 8/21. Check the sidebar on the right for links to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribing by e-mail. There will be a blu-ray giveaway coming soon, so you will want to be checking us out when that happens.

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