Monday, July 18, 2016


Clockwise from the top left: The Amityville Horror; Alien; Star Trek:The Motion Picture; Moonraker. Center: The Black Hole.

1979 was a significant year in the world of film. First off, Kramer vs. Kramer won Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Benton), Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman) and Best Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep) at the 52nd Academy Awards. Hollywood icon John Wayne passed away on June 11, 1979. Don Bluth and a group of animators resigned from Disney and formed Don Bluth Productions, which would go bankrupt just five years later. Even in the late 70's-early 80's, going up against Disney was a mistake.

Here then, are the top ten domestically grossing films for 1979, as provided by our friends over at

  1. Kramer vs. Kramer - $106.3 million
  2. The Amityville Horror - $86.4 million
  3. Rocky II - $85.2 million
  4. Alien - $83.9 million
  5. Apocalypse Now - $83.5 million
  6. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - $82.3 million
  7. The Muppet Movie - $76.7 million
  8. 10 - $74.9 million
  9. The Jerk - $73.7 million
  10. Moonraker - $70.3 million
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