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Clockwise from the upper left corner: Robin Hood; Live and Let Die; The Sting; Westworld; The Exorcist; Enter the Dragon; Soylent Green.
Our new format begins to take shape this week, as we open up with an introductory post that takes a look at the year 1973, specifically the box office for that year. Then during the week, we will take a look at three films, one from each of the action, horror and sci-fi genres, and provide a brief review after we have actually sat down and either watched for the first time (if we have not seen it before), or re-watched each one.

Let's provide a cinematic landscape for the time period, however. Here were the top 10 grossing films (domestically) of 1973:

  1. The Exorcist - $232.9 million
  2. The Sting - $156 million
  3. American Graffiti - $115 million
  4. Papillon - $53.3 million
  5. The Way We Were - $49.9 million
  6. Magnum Force - $44.7 million
  7. Live And Let Die - $35.4 million
  8. Robin Hood - $32.1 million
  9. Paper Moon - $30.9 million
  10. Serpico - $29.8 million
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So our time travelling begins and 1973 is the year. Our first review will be a film that just missed the top ten, but it is an action film that may still be number one in the hearts of many......ENTER THE DRAGON. We will have that review up and ready for you on 4/26.

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