Monday, November 16, 2015


The following is a short list of action/horror/sci-fi films coming to DVD/Blu-Ray this week.

DEADLY PREY (1987) - Thugs in a black van jump a mercenary and force him to be a mad colonel's target for war games in the woods. Starring Ted Prior.

DEADLIEST PREY (2013) - The sequel to DEADLY PREY, once again starring Ted Prior.

SILENT RAGE (1982) - A Texas sheriff tries kung fu on an ax killer who, revived by doctors, cannot be killed. Starring Chuck Norris.

CEMETERY SISTERS (1988) - Two sisters fund their dream of owning their own mortuary by marrying, and then killing, men. Starring Joan & Leslie Simon.

DEATH NURSE (1987) - A nurse and her doctor brother operate a clinic where people check in...but never seem to check out. Starring Priscilla Alden.

DEATH NURSE 2 (1988) - The sequel to Death Nurse. Starring Priscilla Alden.

THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA (1990) - A stake-burned witch returns years later , thanks to victims supplied by her daughter's governess. Starring David McCallum and Nicole Eggert.

KILLER WORKOUT (1987) - Someone is stabbing aerobic exercisers at Rhonda's health club. Starring Marcia Karr.

SHOCK 'EM DEAD (1990) - The devil turns a loser into a killer heavy metal guitarist surrounded by groupies. Starring Traci Lords.

TROLL/TROLL 2 DOUBLE FEATURE - Released by Shout Factory!

MINDWARP (1992) - Mutants hunt human outcasts and underground fighters in a future world of mind control. Starring Bruce Campbell.

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