Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ivy League Collection

Credit to Yale News for this article.

Even if VHS isn't exactly making a comeback (just yet), it still maintains cultural value. In the article, Mr. David Gary goes on to reference the cover art being the selling point for a lot of films, which is the basis for a lot of my own posts here at  VHS can definitely be used as a historical and cultural resource, and this article also points out that there is still an actively collecting community out there.

There were kids that scoffed when their parents told them about their huge vinyl collection, and would retort with "music sounds better on CD or mp3". Vinyl made a comeback, and some of those kids that scoffed are now collecting it. VHS may not exactly make the same sort of comeback, due to the convenience of watching a movie without even getting off the couch, but it didn't exactly go away.

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